Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

End-to- End Business-led Consulting:

We have the capability to take you through the entire life cycle of Oracle Human Capital Management transformation, organization and operating model design, process optimization and re-design, change management, technology implementation, Support and service delivery.

Employee Empowerment:

We offer self-service functionalities to empower employees to perform various activities themselves and ensure efficient employee transactions, thus improving overall HR operations.

Oracle Projets Suite:

GreenChain assembles project teams that merge our expertise in retail and our experience with Oracle to provide a single point of excellence across retail strategy and technology.


We offer end-to- end IT consulting services specifically for Oracle Projets Suite, encompassing both advisory and implementation services.

Program Management:

We develop a single project plan, install a single management team and spotlight the single point of accountability throughout the project. This creates a nimble and agile project, one that can quickly be adjusted to handle the continually shifting requirements of customers, vendors, partners and IT.

Maintenance and Support:

When the project is completed, we maintain and support the system for you, for as long as you need us to.